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We provide our enterprise customers with user-friendly interfaces to manage SSL certificates throughout their lifecycle and technical consultancy services with expert staff to design tailor-made solutions.

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Domain Validation

Recommended for blogs
and personal websites

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Organization Validation

Recommended for small
and medium-sized e-commerce projects

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Extended Validation

Recommended for top e-commerce sites
and large company websites

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Why choose Actalis?

The only Italian CA internationally recognized for issuing SSL Server certificates.


Actalis is the only Italian Certification Authority that is a member of the CAB Forum , a recognized Qualified Trust Service Provider in the OBE Directory for the supply of QWAC and QSEALc services within the PSD2 framework.


Actalis' mission have always been to meet the needs of all the different kind of customers, offering products and services aimed at both public and private business users.


When delivering its Trust Services, Actalis can rely on Aruba Data Centers, certified to the highest levels of resilience and quality of infrastructure (ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 Rating 4).

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