S/MIME Certificates

Guarantee the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of your emails.

Send encrypted and digitally signed emails

S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates offer a wide range of benefits for the security, image and reputation of your company.

S/MIME offers protection by improving the privacy and security of data transmission and email exchanges. Emails are digitally signed and encrypted, allowing the recipient to verify the integrity of the message and the credibility of the sender, both of which are critical steps in protecting yourself from phishing attacks, malware and other cyber threats.


Digitally signed emails, guaranteeing the identity of the sender

Encryption of emails and attachments, to protect against unauthorized access to email exchanges

Integrity and tamper-proofing of messages

Maximum security in email exchanges

Learn about how well S/MIME certificates protect your emails

S/MIME Certificate


Registration required

Perfect for
Individuals, freelancers, sole proprietorships
Digitally signed emails
Encrypted emails
CA Root
Actalis SpA
Average issuing time
A few minutes
1 year

Do you own a company and want to ensure that your company emails are more easily identifiable and secure?

Corporate S/MIME certificates enable you to increase the information linked to your email, adding personal data such as name and surname, or company/department of the account holder.

Increase the security of your mailbox and protect your email exchanges

Actalis S/MIME certificates are compatible with all the major S/MIME compliant email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange, Gmail and many more.

Why choose Actalis?

The only Italian CA internationally recognized for issuing SSL Server certificates.


Actalis is the only Italian Certification Authority that is a member of the CAB Forum , a recognized Qualified Trust Service Provider in the OBE Directory for the supply of QWAC and QSEALc services within the PSD2 framework.


Actalis' mission have always been to meet the needs of all the different kind of customers, offering products and services aimed at both public and private business users.


When delivering its Trust Services, Actalis can rely on Aruba Data Centers, certified to the highest levels of resilience and quality of infrastructure (ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 Rating 4).

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