Extended Validation
SSL Certificate

The highest level of compliance for your online showcase

Give your company or organization more credibility

Do you want to protect all communication on your website, thoroughly certify your company and secure your brand’s reputation?
Choose the Extended Validation SSL Certificate to ensure more reliable authentication for the company/organization connected to your domain (single domain) or domains (SAN).

The benefits

Enables the HTTPS protocol

Displays the secure connection icon

Removes security warnings on the browser

Improves SEO ranking

Associates the domain with the company/organization

Company name appears in the certificate details

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An EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate involves more extensive checks, in addition to verifying the holder and the company owning the domain, to ensure for example, that the request has been submitted by a person authorized to represent the organization. A single domain EV certificate can be used to verify a single domain, while a SAN type certificate can be used to verify up to 5 FQDN domains.

EV Single Domain Certificate

SSL Certificate EV

Single domain

220,00 €  + VAT/year
EV SAN Certificate

SSL Certificate EV


450,00 €  + VAT/year
Warranty Standard 500.000 € 500.000 €
Activation through ACME client
Domain validation
Organization validation
Extended validation
Domains protected Single domain Up to 5 domains
Free cancellation
Supported by all browsers
Root Certification Authority Actalis S.p.A. Actalis S.p.A.
Server licenses included Unlimited Unlimited
Hashing algorithm SHA-256 SHA-256
Root key 4096 bit 4096 bit
Server key 2048 bit 2048 bit
CRL support
OCSP support
Average issue time 3-5 working days 3-5 working days
Validity 1 year 1 year

Checks in place for issuing certificates

Checks on the domain: Actalis checks to make sure that whoever is requesting the certificate controls the server that responds to the domain in question.

Checks on the organization: Actalis checks to make sure that the organization exists and that whoever is requesting the certificate is part of the organization.

Checks on the signatory: Actalis checks to make sure that the organization exists and that whoever is requesting the certificate has powers of representation.

Does your company need a customized solution?

Promote your credibility with an
EV SSL Certificate

Enabling an EV SSL certificate improves your company's reputation whilst guaranteeing the highest level of security for the website.

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Why choose Actalis?

The only Italian CA internationally recognized for issuing SSL Server certificates.


Actalis is the only Italian Certification Authority that is a member of the CAB Forum , a recognized Qualified Trust Service Provider in the OBE Directory for the supply of QWAC and QSEALc services within the PSD2 framework.


Actalis' mission have always been to meet the needs of all the different kind of customers, offering products and services aimed at both public and private business users.


When delivering its Trust Services, Actalis can rely on Aruba Data Centers, certified to the highest levels of resilience and quality of infrastructure (ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 Rating 4).

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